Light Up a Village Campaign

The Light up a Village project aims to provide electricity to energy impoverished populations through sustainable means. By facilitating collaboration between local leadership and industry sponsors, these projects seek to use varied sources of sustainable energy (e.g. solar, wind, biomass, mini-hydro, etc.) at the village level to support social and economic development. The villages will be adopted by companies or consortiums of Global Energy Initiative sponsors.

The campaign seeks to leverage private investment from socially-conscious firms who are interested in making a lasting positive impact on the lives of the world’s most energy-deprived communities. A modest corporate investment can provide villagers with sustainably produced renewable light—expanding the horizons of opportunity through increased safety and time availability for pursuing educational and entrepreneurial pursuits.  

By reducing a remote village’s dependence on diesel or kerosene, which can account for a large part of family budgets, remote villages can realize immediate economic benefits once they are no longer dependent on these fuels. A shift away from kerosene—a fuel which emits the pollutants hazardous that are to human health as well as the potent greenhouse gas black carbon—will have a pronounced effect on improving local health and reducing climate change. 

Depending on geographic and climatic variables, phase II of the program will expand the deployment of sustainable energy technologies, bringing such amenities to villages as a community-based solar-powered water pump or telecom system.  It is GEI’s intent that this first pilot stage of the program will serve as an introduction to the transformative potential off-grid renewable energy solutions hold for improving the quality of life in remote  villages—allowing communities to prosper and stem the tide of urbanization that is currently under progress.            

Sponsorship Benefits for Companies

Through lighting up lives, sponsor companies will enhance their profile as socially responsible companies, while transforming the lives of the recipient villagers.The campaign will also serve as an introduction to the potential renewable energy that can hold for a village.  The first stage of the project will be launched during the Global Conference on Energy Security and Sustainability, December 2013, at the United Nations Headquarters.

Corporate sponsorship of the Light Up a Village Campaign holds considerable benefits for socially-conscious corporations, including:

  • The opportunity to have an lasting positive impact on the qualify of life of an entire village
  • Increased brand visibility, particularly in market segments where advertising has not been a priority
  • The benefit of consumer goodwill resulting from socially-conscious actions and stance
  • Recognition during the Global Conference on Energy Security and Sustainability


In the all online and print materials marketing the campaign, sponsors will receive the following benefits:

  • Prominent brand placement
  • 250 word company profile
  • Reciprocal hotlink to company website from Campaign webpage
  • Acknowledgement social media publicity campaign



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