Life Without Lights

Life without Lights is an ongoing project of compelling photojournalism by Peter DiCampo. Exploring issues revolving around energy poverty from an array of global perspectives, DiCampo’s compassionate work explores the varied social and economic implications of global energy poverty and raises pressing questions about the future of energy. 

The project was inspired by DiCampo’s volunteer experience in Northern Ghana, where he was confronted with the realities of energy poverty first-hand. The experience inspired him to reflect on the extraordinary link between energy access and development. With this in mind, the project seeks to ask and to answer these questions: “What solutions will be made available to the energy poor?  Will they be sustainable?  And what does that mean for the rest of us?”

DiCampo’s award-winning photographic and multimedia work has been published by National Geographic, TIME, Newsweek, Vanity Fair, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Le Monde, and CNN, amongst others. Global Energy Initiative strongly supports the Life without Lights project, and lauds its ability to tell the energy-deprived stories across the globe with compassion and insight—depicting the very basis of GEI’s mission.  

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