2015 Global Energy Essay Contest

“Road to Paris 2015: Vision, Reality, and Solutions for a meaningful Climate Agreement”

To engage students in our mission of fighting energy poverty, protecting the environment, and mitigating the effects of climate change, GEI annually organizes our Global Energy Essay Contest. This contest is a valuable platform for students from all backgrounds to share their ideas on energy issues and make their voices heard throughout the world.

Global Energy Initiative is delighted to announce the 2015 Global Energy Essay Contest. This year we are asking students to present their thoughts on the topic “Road to Paris 2015: Vision, Reality, and Solutions for a meaningful Climate Agreement”.

In 2013, GEI received an overwhelming response to the competition, with over 400 quality entries from 67 countries. This year, we expect more than 1,000 interested students from 100 countries to get involved in this exciting contest. We hope students will take this opportunity to contribute to the energy discourse and help to ensure that the global agenda for sustainable energy becomes a reality.

Essay Topic

“Road to Paris 2015: Vision, Reality, and Solutions for a meaningful Climate Agreement”


All submitted essays will automatically be evaluated for the global and regional awards. The awards consist of two global winners and five regional winners. The classification of regions is based on university locations in the main geographical regions: Africa, Europe and Russia, The Americas, South Asia and the Middle East, and East Asia and South Pacific Countries. To see in which region your country resides, please check out our FAQ.

Green Essay Prize 2      Green Essay Prize

Contest winners will receive their awards and have the opportunity to present their creative approaches towards building a sustainable energy future at the GEI Global Conference on Sustainable Energy Future, which will be held in 2015. Airfare and accommodation will be covered.

Please review the Essay Guidelines for more information on how to enter.

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