Global Energy Essay Contest 2013

Thank you for participating in the Global Energy Essay Contest 2013. We received an overwhelming response to the competition, with almost 400 entries from 67 countries. The team at Global Energy Initiative would like to thank all of you for sharing your innovative visions for the Decade of Sustainable Energy for All (2014-2024).

 We would like to congratulate the finalists for this year's contest (in alphabetical order):

2013 Essay Contest Winners

2013 Essay Contest Finalists

  • Ahmad Hammad (Jordan)
  • Alexander Walzl (England)
  • Aneesh Khokar (Sweden)
  • Chiara Pappalardo (USA)
  • Ching Hu (England)
  • Damian Ohienmhen (Nigeria)
  • Daniel Thorpe (USA) - 2nd Place
  • Derck Koolen (Belgium)
  • Faoud Khan (Pakistan)
  • Henrik Larsen (England)
  • Natalia Weir (Australia)
  • Perdana Putra-Pan (Singapore)
  • Ross Collins (USA) - 1st Place
  • Varun Govindaraj (India)
  • Ward Snoeck (Belgium)

Click here to read all the essays by this year's finalists.

How we graded the essays

The essays were evaluated by a panel of three judges through a blind review process. We wanted the process to be as fair as possible, so names and place of origin were removed from the essay. Our judges evaluated you on the quality of your thoughts, originality and articulation of your ideas.

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