The Economist’s Solution to Climate Change

We reached out to the world's most respected economists to offer their solutions for climate change. The purpose of this was not to envision a world where economic legislatures reign supreme. Rather, we recognize the critical role of economics in policy formation and aim to reconcile the divergences in interdisciplinary thought in search of a "pareto improvement" (granted that even exists). Part II and III, Wall St and the Scientist's Solution to Climate Change to follow.

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Dawn of the Climate Refugees

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More than half a century has passed since the last mass migrations of World War II and the 1947 partition of British India. These events were triggered by violent political dissonance and the pursuit of ethnic cleansing, resulting in the resettlement of 30 million individuals. At this moment in time, we are dawning upon a new form of demographic change that threatens to bring forth the next mass migration. This phenomenon of "climate refugees", refers to individuals forced to relocate due to the effects of climate change.

Researchers have attempted to quantify the number of affected individuals worldwide, but it has proven to be a formidable task. The most widely cited figure was proposed by Norman Myers in 2005, who predicted 200 million climate refugees by 2050. Estimates by the International Organization for Migration state that figure could rise as high as 1 billion people over the same time frame. Despite the lack of consensus to enumerate populations of climate refugees, few can deny the significance of this issue.

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