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Global Conference On Energy Security & Sustainability



 Conference Date To Be Announced Soon


Amid existing widespread energy poverty, rising environmental degradation, and the dangers of global warming, tackling the issues of energy security and sustainability have never been more urgent. The global scope of these issues has always been present, but with the escalation of climate change as an international priority and its emergence as a global security threat has made the issues of energy access, security and sustainability of primary concern in the 21st century.

The United Nation’s declaration that 2014-2024 is The Decade of Sustainable Energy for All is a call to action for the international community across the wide spectrum of industry, governments, academia, and grassroots organizations. Global Energy Initiative, through the Global Energy Conference on Energy Security and Sustainability, seeks to provide a unique opportunity for this diverse array of stakeholders to convene and share vision and action for achieving Sustainable Energy for All.

Strategic Goals

Global Energy Initiative’s core mission of fighting energy poverty, protecting the environment, and mitigating the effects of climate change will serve as guiding principles for the Global Conference on Energy Security and Sustainability. To that end, the conference aims to achieve the following, ambitious, yet vital objectives:

  • Bring new ideas to establish the vision, priorities, and action plans necessary to achieve Sustainable Energy for All;
  • Foster the development of public-private partnerships necessary to execute these action plans;
  • Promote greater understanding between developed and developing nations to facilitate sharing of best practices, technology transfer, and the alignment of energy policies;
  • Promote youth involvement for the success of Decade for Sustainable Energy for All;
  • Educate people on judicious energy use, environmental protections, and effects of climate change.

Most importantly, by bringing together leaders from across sectors and providing them a platform to meet each other and engage in open discussions on how best to facilitate and manage the transition from current fossil fuel based economy to a clean energy economy, Global Energy Initiative anticipates the conference to be a pillar of support to The Decade of Sustainable Energy for All.

While articulating a vision for the Decade of Sustainable Energy for All, the conference also hopes to contribute to creating a new energy paradigm that can serve as a basis for establishing an equitable distribution of economic and social development between all nations.


The conference will be an invitation-only affair with hundreds of attendees that will include:

  • Government officials/diplomats
  • Industry leaders
  • Academics
  • NGO leaders
  • Young professionals

One of the unique aspects of the conference is that it will be comprehensively inclusive and will offer a forum for open discourse across sectors and groups. To that end, efforts will be made to provide equal representation and opportunities to developed and developing nations as well as to encourage traditional and renewal energy sectors to discuss and collaborate on shared strategies to facilitate a seamless transition from a fossil based global economy to a clean energy global economy.



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